About Me

My name is Scott Martin and I have been involved with finance and accounting for the past 13 years.

I started out as a pre-law major out of high school and then move to account saying a little later. After my father passed away my passions of always been for data and information and accounting was the first stop for me in my quest to understand the difference between data and knowledge. I moved to Orlando at got my degree and accounting from the University of Central Florida. Right out of college I got a job at the Orange county controller’s office where I learned got my initial accounting experience with six years there. Soon after so I started there I was pulled into a temporary analyst job on a legislative committee which was fascinating. I then became interested and accounting systems and design as well as programming and design their bag counties street light MSTU subsidiary system as well as coding it.

I struck out on my own and night after six years at orange county and become a value added reseller for an accounting program called account tonight. It was then that I learned by passion working with small businesses small to medium size businesses and helping them get their businesses under control the business side of the organization. I would work with these organizations and getting their accounting system is going and then I naturally was pulled into the finance side assisting small to medium sized operations with capital structure and growth management. I enjoyed creating a strategic and tactical plans as well as having quarterly status meetings with executive committees of these organizations so that they could understand the next direction they could take.

One of my clients offered me a large equity position and their organization to come on full-time and I accepted and was there for 12 years.  Cause I decided to part ways with my business partner recently and am returning to small business consulting.  My focus and small business consulting is being support for the executive leadership as well as making recommendations on tactical and strategic planning. One of my expertise as is and investor relations for small to medium companies as well as departmental and management systems. A lot of the companies I start working with are headed up by very talented individuals and sales and marketing but have never run a business before so I am able to come in and assist them with business systems, and for Miss information and reporting, planning and management.