I don’t really like the term “coaching” because, as a dates and numbers professional, it feels a little too touchy and Feely to me.  Unfortunately, that’s exactly what it is.  Business coaching is essentially the resource that you have when you’re feeling frustrated at an obstacle or challenges that you’re having difficulty overcoming.

No matter how good you, you’re going to tend to have your greatest strengths congregated in one area of business. We all can’t be great outside sales persons people, terrific inventory managers and accounts receivable collection specialists at the same time.  What happens when you get outside of your wheelhouse and you become frustrated with the inability to manage or initiate a critical part of your business? A lot of business owners will not even know where to begin and that’s where business coaching starts.  The critical part of business coaching is that you have a good relationship with you are business professional.  Trust is essential as is the ability to communicate effectively very subtle as well as complex issues.  I, myself, and not a good marketer. My talents tend to be around accounting, data, planning, etc. and anything creative tends to leave me bewildered.  Give me a set of Google analytics and I am off to the races but ask me to design a promotional ad and you’ll get a blank look.

Your business coach will be someone who can work through obstacles and challenges with you. What I say to my clients is “there is always a way“.  Any challenge that you have in business can be overcome if you have the right resources and tools.

I have business owners who just call me when they get lost in the planning process when I sit down with them for an hour two over coffee and we figure out the correct direction to go together.

Business coaching is a very good way to, at least, zone into a solution plan that will get you over your obstacles.